My List Of Top 10 Metal Frontmen

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                         James Alan Hetfield                                                     Dani Filth                

A frontman in music means leading musician of the band. There are thousands of metal bands out there and they produce music of their own kind. Every band members are equally important for the band's success and popularity but in the bands I follow there are frontmen whose presence or absence makes a huge difference at least for me. I've listed my top 10 metal frontmen on the basis of inspiration I get from them:

1. James Alan Hetfiled (vocals, lyrics, guitars) - Metallica
2. Bruce Dickinson (vocals, lyrics and guitar in few songs) - Iron Maiden
3. Mikael Akerfeldt (vocals, lyrics, lead guitars, awesome acoustic guitarist) - Opeth
4. Dani Filth (vocals, awesome lyrics, music arrangement) - Cradle Of Filth
5. Phil Anselmo (vocals, bass guitar) - Pantera/Down
6. Dave Mustaine (vocals, guitars, lyrics) - Megadeth
7. Tuomas Holopainen (keyboards, lyrics) - Nightwish
8. Negral (vocals, guitars, lyrics) - Behemoth
9. Zakk Wylde (vocals and guitars) - Black Label Society
10. Corey Taylor (vocals) - Slipknot  

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