My Top 10 Soft Songs By Metal Bands

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Most people think that metal music is all about aggression, loudness, distortion and swiftness. And I don't think differently. After hearing metal music for so many years, what I've noticed is that I tend to like almost all the soft songs by Metal bands but I can't say the same for bands that sing them regularly. I don't know the proper reason; may be psychological. If we talk about the songs they are lyrically very less about love and more about life. And that too is a plus point for me.

So my list goes like this:

  1. While your lips are still red by Nightwish
  2. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica
  3. Snuff by Slipknot
  4. Burden by Opeth
  5. Surrounded by Dream Theater
  6. Voice of the Soul by Death
  7. Tears of Dragon by Bruce Dickinson
  8. In this River by Black Label Society
  9. Tout le Monde by Megadeth
  10. Suicide Note Pt. 1 by Pantera

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