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This is a typical opeth song : unusual heavy guitar riffs, extremely melodic solo, good use of keyboard and bass and the combination of soft and death vocals. The transition of Mikael's vocals from whispering to growling and vice-versa is just amazing. This song from the album "Ghost Reveries" is based on satanic theme. The lyrics of the song shows the worship of satan; the call to satan. And my interpretation of the video is that it is about a boy who killed his mother and turned to satan except for the isolation years. Well, you can put forward about how you percieve this song.


Faithful me
Pour yourself
Into me

Wield your power
Martyr's price
Stare me down
To the ground

The eyes of the devil
Fixed on his sinners

Slake my thirst
Eternal wealth
Heathen key
Round my neck

This poetry
Our blasphemy
Know the sounds
Of infamy

The hands of Satan
Assembling his flock
The pale horse rider
Searching the earth

Whispered conjuration
A belief takes form
Choking hand tapping
The veins in your throat

His orders in your mouth
A decree for domination
Beneath the tides of wisdom
Spins the undertow of hate

Injected seeds of vengeance
Usurper's eyes on the powerless
Clean path to his kingdom
Beckoning in the mist

The Grand Conjuration

Tell me why
Love subsides
In the light
Of your wish

Say my name
Ease the pain
Clear the smoke
In my head

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