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"It is better to burn out than to fade away"
I always remember this quote from the suicide note of Kurt Cobain. When Kurt was 9, he wrote poem for the first time in his wall:

"I hate mum,
I hate dad,
Dad hates mum,
Mum hates dad,
It just wants to make u feel so sad."

Some more quotes from Kurt Cobain/ Nirvana are listed below:

  • "Holding Frances in my arms is the best drug in the world."

  • "I'm here to impeach a president and kill a soap opera star"

  • "Zits are beauty marks"

  • "You know what I hate about rock? I hate tie-dyed tee shirts. I wouldn't wear a tie-dyed tee shirt unless it was dyed with the urine of Phil Collins and the blood of Jerry Garcia."

  • "At this point I have a request for our fans. If any of you in any way hate homosexuals, people of different color, or women, please do this one favor for us - leave us the fuck alone! Don't come to our shows and don't buy our records."

  • “My songs have always had frustrating themes - relationships I've had"

  • "There is nothing I like more than pure underground music"

  • "I don't want my daughter to grow up and someday be hassled by kids at school... I don't want people telling her that her parents were junkies"

  • "Wearing a dress shows I can be as feminine as I want. I'm a heterosexual... big deal, but if I was a homosexual, it wouldn't matter, either."

  • Kurt at a concert "If you guys throw one more shoe or one more coin, I'm just going to leave my guitar next to my amp and there's going to be massive feed back for an hour."

  • "All my life, I never believed most things I read in history books and a lot of things I learned in school. But now I've found I don't have the right to make a judgment on someone based on something I've read. I don't have the right to judge anything. That's the lesson I've learned"

  • "God is Gay."

  • "A big "fuck you" to those of you who have the audacity to claim that I'm so naive and stupid that I would allow myself to be taken advantage of and manipulated."

  • "I know that most of you out there like us, understand what we're trying to say, but as for the rest of you, I FUCKING HATE YOU!! "

  • Grunge, isn't that some gross shade of greenish orange?"

  • "Music is first, lyrics are secondary."

  • "My name is Kurt and I sing and play the guitar and I'm a walking, talking bacterial infection."

  • "We're just a bar band, that's all we are."

  • "We're so trendy we can't even escape ourselves."

  • Interviewer asks Dave: "So why did you go to school anyway?" Dave's reply: "For lunch!"

  • "If your a sexist, racist, homophobe or basically an arsehole don't buy this CD, I don't care if you like me, I hate you!"

  • "Punk rock should mean freedom, playing whatever you want, As sloppy as you want as long as it's good and it has passion"

  • "I'll write a couple of sincere lines then kind of slag them off" - Kurt describing how he writes Nirvana's songs

  • "People ask me what's like to hear our song on the radio. I don't know, I don't listen to the radio"

  • "Anti, let me repeat that, Anti-rape song"

  • "VANDALISM: Beautiful as a rock in a cop's face."

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  1. That poem written on his wall @ 9 tells all, i can feel those words.

  2. "My songs have always had frustrating themes - relationships I've had"
    And this also.... seems like he was deprived of love

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