Saffron's Curse: Cradle Of Filth

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When I look back at these masterpieces from Cradle of Filth, I clearly see how their music have degraded. This is a perfect black metal song showing Dani's skill of various vocal ranges, complicated keyboard riffs and heavy guitars. Like always the lyrics is dark and deep with use of gothic and ancient words. This is what I found on the web about the meaning of this whole song:

The narrator is satan and he's talking about how he heard her crying for help from god and the colder savior did'nt answer her. She tries to kill herself. He loves her beauty and mind and becomes determined to have her as his own so he stops her. She goes with him because she believes god does not care.
She sins and severs heaven by accepting the devil's offer of power so that she has that second silhouette of the devil with her. Then it talks of how she indulges in all the sins and takes pleasure in them. She makes her suffering that of others. But still she knows it is wrong and thus is in a white-stained chamber bound( the fact that she feels guilty in the eyes of god). The devil fixes that and takes away her regret. She becomes more demon than human in spirit. Her power is so great now that she cannot hide it from others.-She's pricked as a witch. The dark/ demons all love her because with her innocent will she could hold sway over all nature that god created.-Remember she had cried to god for help and only the devil came. Her outcries ignored put the blame on god and they are weak against her pain and vengeance she feels. Heaven feels it. It then says the scars(her pain) will last until a certain time. The last war with heaven. Her life is taken by god then to end her pain and the devil curses Jesus bcuz by him her sins would be forgiven. He wanted her back and swore he would get her. She rose herself for her want of revenge on god/ god could not claim her soul which truly had become devoted to the devil. She became a complete demon. At the end it talks of her trying to gain power enough to reach heaven to confront god and the devil speaks of how he dreamed of being god and now forever regrets it bcuz of his punishment. So he works to give her her wish and him his. When it comes time to kill her and all the others Jesus weeps at the sight of her on her knees wishing she could change what has happened. But still she is damned.


Through arcades where shimmering snowfall
Lay in state with the sad and damned
A rent lament barely flung above a whisper
Drew Me like a ghost to the haunts of Man

I Found Her tempting fate between Her wrist and razor
A kindred spirit in a graveyard
Beneath the stature of a colder saviour
Mist hung like thieves wreathed in scant arabesques
And through the chill earth it bedwed Her drawling breast
Like a come dream true under etched glass spent
Making love to the beautiful dead

She has sinned and severed Heaven
And in it's vulgar sight
Two figures writhe, but one silhouette
Extends it's fingers to the light

"Gothic towers tottered on my heels
As I fled asylum grounds
Committing hard crimes to soft cells
Where now another's screams resound"

From the gaspings in Her passing
Six feet under or beneath frayed gown
When Her hands pointed to midnight
In a white stained chamber bound

I Swept Her from the abyss of another dementia
Freeing Her soul from the fetters of fate
To take the reins of pleasure
Now nightwane mirrors freeze in seizure
At the glimpse of charmed pins in Her thighs
Ballrooms filled with black cats scratch
Out of spite and playful eyes

Pricked as a Witch Her stitches itch
For familiar lips to lick them dry
Whilst the dark regrasps, for if She asks
The Sun forsakes the rite to rise
And is the first to discern, that this Angel's return
Is a vengefull call on grace
For even martyrdom backs from it's suicide pacts
A leap of twisted fate betrothed...

The scars will last until the stars
Caught in Her train bewitched
Fall into line and yeild the sign
That Dawn in born to their eclipse

For Our Inhumankind
Comes an underdog day Sunrise
Rippling with fire like femalediction

Wind amidst the flame
I gazed out
Tapped into the fog and shared her pain
When in her mind she sought his leave
And begged forgiveness

I splintered Her coffin and lay on the floor
Of a vault with Her clasped as the moon hugs the shore
What treachery this that She breathed no more?
Christ you bastard!

I wished Her back but the dead adored Her
Even wild winds sang in chora for Her
Saffron from my heart, from the start I swore
We'd be together more...

Creation froze with the triumph of Death
But still She stirred and awoke bereft
Of concern save for the aeons left
To lead the darkness...

She schemes of growing power and the lengths sucked hard to get it
I dream of being God but ever living to regret it
Our fecund nature decrees that Jesus wept come for
The Devil on Her knees

To grant Her lows a remedy
And mine desire's wish
To taste thereof of Heaven's scent
As sick and twisted as it is
For Her corset laced with arsenic
Hides snake curves within Her midst
Whilst Her halo of white lies supplies
Her temple to what God forbids.

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