Metallica And Megadeth: Song Similarities

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This is what Dave Mustaine once told about him and Metallica. "In the beginning, I was the guitar player in Metallica, Hetfield was the mastermind behind the lyrics and Lars was back there banging on his drum set. We gave this style of music a format and a direction - I'll always be proud of that. It was like the town wasn't big enough for the three of us (Mustaine, Hetfield, Ulric). There was just too much personality. It was like having three Dr. Frankensteins in one band. Anyway, it all came to a head one day when James kicked a dog of mine. We were all really plowed at the time - we always were. Anyway, one thing led to another and I hit James in the face. He told me to get my shit and get out. I told him that he couldn't fire me because I had already quit. In retrospect, James and Lars were really focused in their own way, and I wasn't. I begged to differ with almost everything just for the sake of being argumentative. But that's me. I'm a sarcastic fucker."

The two greatest names in Thrash metal history actually originated from the same mess. The two bands still have so much of similarity in playing styles, riffs. Besides these they have similar songs that sounds almost the same. While Mustaine claims the songs to be his compositions, Metallica gives damn about it.

The list of similar songs:

Megadeth Song:
Metallica Song:
Looking Down the Cross
Ride the Lighting
The Four Horsemen
Whole song
In My Darkest Hour
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Opening riff
Hangar 18
The Call of Ktulu
Dawn Patrol
The God That Failed
This Was My Life
Phantom Lord
Bass riff
Disposable Heroes
Opening riff
The Call of Ktulu
Opening riff
Go to Hell
Enter Sandman

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  1. missed dread and a fugitive mind and holier than thou

  2. Skin of My Teeth and Master of Puppets

  3. You missed The Doctor is Calling with One (or The Thing That Should Not Be as well)

  4. Harvester of Sorrow and Sweating Bullets

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